Best Artificial Turf and Synthetic Grass in Las Vegas



Artificial Grass is absolutely safe for children. Most Artificial Grass products are softer than natural grass, so falling during play doesn’t leave injuries.
Artificial Grass produces no pollen, so kids will likely see a reduction in allergies. Keep in mind that ALL ARTIFICIAL GRASS PRODUCTS WILL GET HOT DURING SUMMER MONTHS. We recommend installing shade structures or adding cooling sand infill to help reduce temperatures.

Artificial Grass is absolutely dog friendly and is used by many Humane Societies. Artificial Grass doesn’t stain, and urine will drain through. Avoid products that have a latex backing for they will absorb pet urine and retain a foul smell. Choose a product with a Polypropylene / Polyurethane backing and make sure to add a deodorizing infill if your Artificial Grass will be used as a relief area. Shorter pile height products with structured yarn will last longer and are easier to keep clean. (1.25″ to 1.65″ pile height recommended)

Our Artificial Grass products have a perforated backing with holes that measure approx. 1/2 centimeter in diameter and can drain at a rate of 40+ inches per hour per square yard.

Artificial Grass requires minimal maintenance. You will need to wash it down occasionally with a garden hose, especially if you have pets.
You may need to brush it with a stiff bristle push broom to keep the blades in an upright position.
Leaf blower works great for removing debris.

Longevity of Artificial Grass extends far beyond the warranties offered by suppliers. Artificial Grass can last 20 to 25 years when maintained and installed properly.

Artificial Grass is eco-friendly in many ways. It’s good for the environment because it saves water and doesn’t need to be mowed. The estimated amount of Artificial Grass currently installed has eliminated the need for millions of pounds of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which has significant health and environmental implications. In addition, Artificial Grass helps reduce noxious emissions and reduces grass clippings, which the EPA states are the third largest component of municipal solid waste in landfills.

Yes – we provide contractors and homeowners with free Artificial Grass samples.

No bugs, no watering, always green, no mowing, long-term savings.

Most of our products come with a 15-year warranty. Different companies offer a variety of warranties. Look for a warranty that covers fading, workmanship, and material issues.