Artificial grass for playground surfacing: The benefits of playground turf

Artificial grass for playground surfacing: The benefits of playground turf

When you’re considering surfacing options for a playground or play area, there are a number of factors to think about. You need a surface that is robust enough to withstand heavy use, but also safe for kids to run around and fall over on without getting hurt. Artificial grass is one of the best options not just for safety, but also for durability, maintenance and hygiene.

Artificial Grass is Safer for Kids than Other Playground Materials

Synthetic turf is a soft and non-abrasive material that won’t bruise or graze kids as they play. Many other surfaces used to absorb impacts at playgrounds such as wood chips can easily end up scratching and grazing knees and elbows as children play. Artificial grass can also be filled with a range of underlay materials to further cushion falls. In addition, artificial grass has great water drainage, ensuring that the grass doesn’t become dangerously slippery due to pooled water. The artificial grass backing is perforated to enable water to pass through and drain into the ground below easily. This means that you can use the artificial turf right after it rains or after emptying an inflatable pool without worrying about mud or damage to the turf.

It is Low Maintenance and Durable

These factors make artificial grass low maintenance and durable, which is an important consideration for any area that needs to withstand the wear and tear of kids playing. With minimal yard work, one fake grass for playground can easily last throughout your children’s childhoods. All it takes is giving the artificial turf a quick brush down every week or two to keep it clear of debris.

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Playground Turf is Resistant to Weather Elements

Allowing water through its perforated backing is also one of the reasons playground turf holds up to the weather so well. High quality artificial grass fibers also will not become brittle or discolored by the sun or exposure to the elements.

In comparison, real grass can easily die because of a spell of  hot, dry weather, especially when water usage restrictions are in effect. Besides the cost of replacement, preventing this from happening can require additional work and costs to keep grass alive.

Environmentally Friendly

The environmental impact of maintaining a real grass in the Las Vegas climate is significant. Besides the major water requirement, keeping a lawn clean and tidy also uses a lot of fuel and electricity to power your garden tools. Besides needing gallons of water every year to maintain, grass can also require the use of chemicals as pesticides and weed killers that can be harmful to the local environment.

Artificial Grass for Playground Provides a Cleaner Play Area

Artificial grass is very easy to keep clean. The ground underneath the synthetic turf is completely covered, so you no longer need to worry about dirt getting kicked around and all over your kid’s clothing as they play. In the event that you need to clean something off the play area, such as a neighbor’s cat using the area as a bathroom, this is as simple as hosing the area down to wash everything away.

Other surfacing types such as rubber mulch or wood chips also leave your kids covered in mud and dirt, creating more laundry for you. With synthetic grass, you don’t even need to worry about grass stains.

No Worn Areas and Holes

One of the big problems of maintaining a real grass play area surface is that they can easily wear out as your kids play, creating patches of bare dirt. Pet owners can also have problems with their dogs seeing the playground as the perfect area to dig. Besides being unsightly, this also makes a playground less safe by creating patches of hard ground to fall on, and an uneven surface to trip on.

While lower quality synthetic grass can become brittle after prolonged exposure to UV light from the sun, the high quality fibers used in Festival products are not degraded by sunlight. High quality synthetic grass is very strong, and can more than hold up to kids playing on it.

Are you looking for a safe playground surface that will be easy to maintain and last for a long time? Artificial grass might be the best option for you. Contact us today to discuss your project and get our expert advice.