5 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass Around Pool

5 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass Around Pool

While most people first think of paving when it comes to surfacing around their residential pool, pool owners are increasingly turning to artificial turf instead. Synthetic grass offers a number of benefits over other surfacing options that make it safer and easier to maintain, as well as looking great and being more cost-effective than paving.

So why are Las Vegas pool owners choosing to install artificial grass around their pools?

Artificial Grass Around Pool Reduces Slipping Accidents

Artificial turf is a great non-slip surface. Besides increasing your grip with a more textured surface, artificial grass around pool also allows water to drain through to the ground, reducing the risk of slipping due to puddles and pooled water.

If you do fall, artificial grass also provides a softer and less abrasive surface to land on, reducing the chance of bruises and grazes, as well as more serious injuries that can be caused by landing on hard paving.

It is Resistant to Chemicals

Keeping your pool clean can require the use of a range of chemicals that can stain surfaces and damage plant life, giving your yard an unsightly appearance around the pool. In contrast, high quality artificial turf around pool is not affected by the chemicals you use in your pool. As a result, you don’t need to worry about every splash damaging your lawn.

Artificial Turf Around Pool Keeps the Area Clean

Paving can easily become discolored due to water from your pool and exposure to the sun. Paving also needs to be sealed on a regular basis, which can be both time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, it can take frequent jet washing to keep the paving around your swimming pool looking pristine.

Synthetic grass does not have these problems, and its color does not fade as a result of weathering. It also prevents the growth of weeds, which can be a major irritant for pool owners with a paving surround.


Artificial Turf Around Pool

Fake Grass Around Pool is Durable and Low Maintenance

Artificial grass can withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets running around, and artificial turf requires very little work to maintain. With the right maintenance, an artificial grass installation can last up to 20 years and still look as good as new. In most cases, you will simply need to brush the turf to remove debris once a fortnight or so.

Artificial turf also stands up to heavy lawn furniture without becoming creased or damaged, so you can pull your sun loungers up to the pool without worrying about damaging your lawn.

It Drains Well

Another vital aspect of your pool surround is its ability to drain water.

Drainage is a major advantage of artificial turf. Artificial grass has a perforated backing that allows water to drain through the turf and into the ground underneath. This means you don’t need to install drains around your pool to cope with water pooling on paving, which can be costly to maintain as well as install.

Having paving or real turf around your pool has other problems too. It can create puddles and wet dirt around your pool, making it harder to keep clean and more likely that dirt will be tracked back into your home.

It is Environmentally-Friendly

The environmental impact of maintaining a real grass lawn in Las Vegas is considerable when you take into account the use of electricity, water and fuel needed to keep it green and trimmed. Besides needing gallons of water every year to maintain, grass can also require the use of chemicals as pesticides that can be harmful to the local environment.

Artificial Grass Around Pool Looks and Feels Amazing

Unlike paving, which can become  uncomfortably hot in the sun, artificial grass is cool and soft on bare feet, making it the ideal surface for a pool surround. It also looks great, giving you a green, well-trimmed lawn all year round that won’t be damaged or discolored by your pool use. To discuss the best synthetic turf options for your pool surround, get in touch with us today.


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