Artificial Garden Walls: How to Build an Artificial Vertical Garden?

Artificial Garden Walls: How to Build an Artificial Vertical Garden?

Setting up a garden wall of authentic plants can be costly and time-consuming. Hence, replacing it with fake garden walls is an excellent alternative as it captures the same aesthetics with fewer hassles.

Building an artificial vertical garden requires less maintenance and is generally cheaper because it does not require water, fertilizer, or pest control.

This article discusses what artificial garden walls are and how you can set up your artificial vertical garden at a fairly reasonable budget. Whether you need Las Vegas artificial grass or anywhere in the country, these tips can help you fix one in your home.

What Is An Artificial Vertical Garden?

Artificial vertical gardens are a decoration that mimics living plants but is made of paper, silk, or plastic. They are meant to be placed in vertical spaces such as brick walls, timber cladding walls, and paling fences.

The synthetic plants that make up the vertical garden are supported vertically by interlocking plates.
Low-quality ones could seem too shiny and synthetic, while high-quality ones are lifelike, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

Step by Step Introduction on How to Build a Faux Vertical Garden

Building a faux vertical garden is easy since installing it is less tenuous than natural plants. You can also put it almost anywhere in your house, from your balcony to your backyard. Furthermore, you can order a specific size depending on your needs or customize it based on your preference.

Here is a simple guide on how to install an artificial vertical garden anywhere on your property:

Find Location and Measure

Go to the area or section of the house where you want to install the fake garden walls. Use a tape measure to get the length and width of the place where you want to put the artificial vertical garden.

Take note of the measurements, especially if you intend to connect multiple faux vertical gardens over the said area.

Calculate and Connect the Panels

Next, perform some calculations to ensure that the Las Vegas artificial grass panels cover the area you intend to decorate. The great thing about these panels is that you can resize them by cutting any excess. They also stick to any surface, and you can bend them to form a curved or contoured section.

Cut the grid panel based on the measurements you obtained earlier. Fix the grid panel using nails into the wall. When installing, make sure to interlock the panels to one another. You can also use zip ties to secure each panel better.

Fix the Panels Together to the Requested Size

Next, fix the panels together using a steel wire grid to help put the panel in place without damaging the wall. You can also use a staple gun to fix the panel into a timber cladding wall.

Ensure you get the size that best fits the area you want to decorate, so you won’t have to cut it down to pieces later.

Design Your Fake Wall Garden As You Wish

Finally, make adjustments, so every aspect of the fake garden wall follows your initial design. You can add a few elements to make it stand out, such as a frame or other accessories. You can design your artificial vertical garden based on your style preferences.

artificial green wall

Where to Put your Artificial Green Wall?

You can place the Las Vegas artificial grass wall vertically anywhere in your home, outdoors and indoors. It’s best placed in the living and dining rooms since it balances out the darker furniture color in those areas.

What Are Fake Garden Walls Made Of?

Most fake garden walls are made from paper, silk, and plastic. Meanwhile, the grid panels where you put the garden wall are usually made of plastic or steel. Some faux ivy vertical garden areas are also ultraviolet (UV) resistant, making them ideal to be put on the veranda or balcony.

The Benefits of Having a Vertical Garden

Installing artificial vertical garden panels has several advantages over fixing natural plants on your walls. Such as:

  • It does not require artificial turf maintenance
  • Vertical garden artificial does not need pest control, fertilizer, and even water
  • A fake wall garden can be customized and shaped much more easier
  • They typically last longer since insects aren’t interested in them
  • A faux vertical garden does not cause pollen allergies

Overall, you don’t have to be a green thumb to ensure that the artificial vertical garden wall always looks best.

Tips on Maintaining your Artificial Wall Garden

Low-maintenance artificial vertical garden only requires to be cleaned a few times a year; if you have a green plastic wall, make sure to use a cloth dipped in warm water and multi-purpose cleaner spray and rub it on the surface.

However, if you have a silk or paper green wall, use a duster or dry cloth instead since these materials are not meant to get wet. If your artificial plant or green wall is UV resistant or stabilized, let it out in the sun for a while. Meanwhile, if it’s not, let the wall dry inside for a little while.

For more information about artificial wall gardens, please contact our professionals. If you are seeking more details about the fake grass for wall in Las Vegas our professionals are ready to assist you.