Landscaping 101: Easy Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

Landscaping 101: Easy Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

Is it time to redecorate your backyard? Whether you bought a new house or want to improve the current one, landscaping is the best way to boost curb value. It’ll also ensure you enjoy spending time and relaxing in your yard. There’s no need to be an expert to make your garden beautiful. Our landscaping 101 guide is the perfect place to start. Check out our guide on easy landscaping ideas for beginners to ensure the project goes smoothly!

Landscaping 101: How to Get Started

Begin by imagining how you’d like your garden to look. Are there any specific water features outdoor areas should have? Would you like to get a pool plan or pathway for cars? Will there be pets or kids to use the yard?

Create a wishlist and add all items you’d prefer in the backyard. Once you read the easy landscaping guidelines, you might give up a few depending on budget, maintenance requirements, etc.

Easy Landscaping Starts with a Plan

If a project is to be successful, you need to start with a plan. The three main areas to follow in landscaping for beginners include:

  • Set a budget. The ideas you’ll go with will depend on the available funds. While setting a budget, be realistic in assessing the costs of different fixtures. Also, consider the project would cost at least 10% more than planned due to unforeseeable expenses.
  • Evaluate your landscape needs. Is there an incline you’d like to flatten? What about the watering requirement of your yard? Apart from landscape needs, consider your preferences, such as fences, private areas, etc.
  • Figure out where you need help. Simple backyard landscaping could be handled by a homeowner. But if the project seems ambitious, find landscapers, verify their professional licenses, and hire their services. Feel free to contact us, and we can assist in any landscaping project phase where you feel it’s necessary.

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Choose Your Style

Sticking to easy landscaping ideas for beginners includes choosing a style and holding to it. That could be:

  • Formal. It’s suitable for corporate garden designs and those pursuing an elegant backyard. The formal style follows symmetry and straight lines. Fountains and statues, but also well-maintained hedges and grass, are another characteristic, indicating demanding lawn care for this style.
  • Natural. It’s the foundation of simple backyard landscaping. The low-maintenance approach allows luscious plants and natural abundance without much human intervention.
  • Informal. It’s a crossover between the two easy landscaping styles mentioned above. You can choose areas with more elegance and leave other zones to be “more natural.”

Consider the Texture, Colors, and Forms

The interior style requires considering furniture, materials, and paint. But landscaping 101 demands assessing the texture, colors, and forms of plants and other garden elements. You want the herbs, statues, and other items chosen to blend well. Asking professionals for landscape tips could help.

Simple Backyard Landscaping

The idea of easy landscaping ideas for beginners is to avoid over-complicating things. Here’s what Las Vegas landscapers suggest for any garden:

  • Balance hardscape and softscape. Pergolas, walls, fountains, and pathways are hardscapes. Trees, shrubs, and grass are softscapes. Easy front yard landscaping requires balancing the two to optimize the area’s appearance.
  • Think about outdoor elements. Consider the best landscape lighting features for your garden. Do you need more illumination, or is accent lighting enough? Another important element of landscaping for beginners includes water features. Fountains could improve the area’s visual appeal and have a cooling effect on hot summer evenings.
  • Make it functional. Can you place shrubs instead of a fence? Could you add a fire pit that will keep you warm and gather people in the evening? Easy landscaping ideas for beginners shouldn’t ignore functionality.

Easy Front Yard Landscaping

Begin by analyzing the front yard to the smallest detail. Think about the landscaping that fits your house exterior but also blends well with the neighborhood. Head to the house’s entrance to see how it looks from afar.
Easy front yard landscaping begins by placing the driveway for your vehicle. Walkways and stairs are next and don’t forget fences and porches.

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Choose the Right Plants

After placing the hardscapes, you can move to choose plants for the front yard. Here are the best options:

  • Ground covers and shrubs. From edible herbs to those that could serve as foundational plants, pick your favorites.
  • Lawn areas. Mark lawn areas, and don’t forget to ensure optimal irrigation. Landscapers also recommend artificial grass installation as an option as it can reduce the amount of time and money you need to spend on keeping your yard looking good. There are different types of artificial grass and you should choose the one that is suitable for your outdoor space. Feel free to contact us and we will assist you in choosing the fake grass that fits your backyard the most.
  • Trees and flowers. A tree creates shade and has a huge impact on the overall front yard appearance. Flowers add beauty but will need regular care.

Choose the Right Time to Start Your Landscaping Project

According to experts, you should begin turning your landscaping ideas into reality in April, May, or September. If you do this during spring, plants will have enough time to grow before the winter. But some experts indicate early fall is an excellent choice. It ensures lower humidity and optimal temperatures, giving enough time to develop a root system and get stronger for the next season.

Don’t neglect different durations of landscaping projects. Small front yard changes only take a couple of days. But landscaping a big garden could require months. Feel free to contact a professional landscaper to discover the best course of action for your yard!